Приглашение на конференцию ITS AWESOME 2016

We are pleased to announce that ITS AWESOME conference 2016 will take place in Russia, Novosibirsk, on 19 December 2016. Our goal is to encourage young researchers and IT enthusiasts to share their expertise with their fellow students. This conference is a perfect opportunity to share cutting-edge research studies about making IT world better.

Our conference is aimed at providing a platform for intercommunication and interaction between students who are keen on IT. We offer our participants two great opportunities: to share their knowledge and experience in the area of their research, and to get the latest trends and achievements from other areas of IT science. We hope to help young researchers to form a scientific community to generate fresh and original ideas.

We welcome contributions from all IT-related areas, especially the following ones: Knowledge Engineering, Machine Learning, Computer Simulation, Virtual Reality, Educational Informatics, IT in Economics, System Programming, GIS Technologies, Cryptography and Information Security, Ontology Applications, Natural Language Processing, Recommender Systems, Image Processing, and Sound Processing.

Moreover, we offer everyone to participate in a mock competition creating the best full title for our conference from its abbreviated version. Your suggestions should be sent to Sergey Ivanov at sergey.brd@gmail.com by 12 December 2016. Include your name, address and group number. Presents await you =)

More information is is available on