ITS AWESOME III annual Master students’ scientific conference

ITS AWESOME III annual Master students’ scientific conference

Location: Novosibirsk State University

Call for Extended Abstracts: 18 December 2017

The ITS AWESOME III conference will hold its annual meeting on 25 December 2017 at 16:20 – 20:10 in rooms 313 and 316 of the old main building of Novosibirsk State University, Pirogova 2. The overall goal of these meetings is to give MS students an opportunity to share their Master's thesis results, have a chance to discuss their research themes with colleagues and improve presentation experience in English.

This conference seeks to provide a platform for participants to present the results of their research on wide spectrum of problems in different fields of Information Technologies and Computer Science. We want to help students to discern the flaws in their works as well as provide a feedback on presentation skills in English and Master’s thesis results as a whole. Consequently participants are expected to further improve the quality of their works based on the given feedback.  

Each participant of the conference is to present a brief overview of their own scientific research in IT/CS field, given 7 minutes for presentation itself and 3 minutes for Q&A session everything is to be carried out in English.

Extended abstract submission

The working language of papers is English. Abstracts should be sent by email as a Word attachment to, limited but not restricted to 1000-2000 words excluding title and references. All submissions must be received by 18 December 2017 24:00. Please, include your name, affiliation and paper title in the body of email. You will be notified of the evaluation obtained via a shared google form by 25 December 2017.


The registration fee (100 RUR) covers coffee breaks with refreshments and a set of NSU brand materials for the best presentation awards. The amount should be transferred to the conference organizing committee Allyna Mozhina, Arina Svitova, and Alia Absaydulieva that are organizing the coffee break.

Note: All second year Master students of the Information Technologies Department are to participate. Anyone is welcome to attend and get involved in Q&A sessions.